Our Lab Values

Our lab is composed of people who love learning, who rely on the scientific method, are from different places, and are kind to each other.


We are here because we love to learn. We are intrigued by the processes that guide human feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. We seek to build our repertoire of knowledge about psychology, as it applies to the workplace, to support work effectiveness and employee wellbeing.


Each member of our lab is different. We embrace our differences and the differences of others. We also reach across disciplinary boundaries to integrate diversity into the work we do.


We believe in the scientific method. We rely on skepticism, open-mindedness, objectivity, empiricism, creativity, and communication.


We do to others as we would have them do to us.

About Our Work

With the increased complexity and constant changes within modern-day organizations, there is a need for employees to process new and evolving information, solve complex problems, navigate working while facing multiple distractions and demands, and collaborate in cross-disciplinary teams. Our work explores the characteristics and cognitive processes of individuals and teams that facilitate effective problem solving, information sharing, and decision making in the workplace. Right now, we are exploring research in:

  • Team judgment and decision making
  • Knowledge integration in cross-disciplinary teams
  • Individual and team cognitive complexity

In our lab, we are also interested in the application of rigorous and innovative research methods to answer our research questions. Currently, our work includes the use of computational modeling, a virtual escape room, and online collaboration software.

About Our Discipline (I-O Psychology)

Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology is the scientific study of human feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, as applied to the workplace

I-O psychology is Science for a Smarter Workplace

Learn more about I-O psychology from SIOP

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